Ugh. Sen. Hillary Clinton is really close to losing my vote…

Democratic PartyApparently, Sen. Hillary Clinton is jumping on the same band wagon the Radical Right wing is on.

I wonder: Has Sen. Clinton gone after Sen. McCain for his seeking of the endorsement John Hagee?

As Keith Olbermann pointed out, Sen. Clinton is NOT doing the Democratic Party any favors with her attacks and missteps.

Me, I’m not interested in her attack politics but rather what the NEXT president can do to solve the problems presented to us now. Her comments about Rev Jeremiah Wright comes at a time when her own credibility is under attack and, IMO, has the feel of desperation.

Slight Update: While out to lunch and discussing Sen. Obama’s appearance at work (And I Missed it!!!), my friend and I ran into a Sen. Clinton supporter. We were just discussing whether or not a lot of “experience” is needed and our Sen. Clinton supporter pointed out his opinion that Pennsylvania will sooner support Sen. McCain NOT support Sen. Obama. Mind you, this is his opinion and I hope he’s mistaken. IMHO, Sen. McCain is running as it he’d be a 3rd GW Bush term and I’d rather avoid that.

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