From MSNBC: “Addicted gambler files $20 million casino suit”

Dunes ChipsI read about this and had to shake my head a bit.

I’m sure it’s safe to say that Ms. Taveras has a gambling problem, but at what point does she take responsibility for her actions? From the article:

She lost her law practice, her apartment and her parents’ home, and she owes the IRS $58,000. She said she even considered swerving into oncoming traffic to kill herself.

In interviews with The Associated Press, Taveras admitted she dipped into her clients’ escrow accounts to finance her gambling habit. She was disbarred last June and faces criminal charges stemming from those actions, but is trying to work out restitution agreements in order to avoid a prison term.

I’m glad she didn’t try to kill herself as that would be a horrible thing to do to herself and her family. Regarding her gambling, it’s tragic, but it seems she did this to herself. Me, I hope she avoids jail, but this dire situation seems to be entirely of her doing, not the casino.

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