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A little ove the top…

I think we should start getting out of Iraq, but Berkeley City Council passing a measure urging the Marine recruiters to leave their downtown office is, IMO, over the top. The marines are not the problem and, IMO, should not be protested…

Just “Wow”…

I honestly thought this was just an Urban Legend but apparently NOT!
Indian kidney racket fugitive held in Nepal

WordPress Google Maps integration

I wrote a plugin for MT called MTYahoomaps. After a little research, looks like Avi Alkalay made a Google maps plugin for WordPress. The implementation is very straight forward and well documented. I should have a lot of fun playing with it and checking out the PHP code.

11 Madison Avenue
11 Madison Avenue
NY, NY 10010

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Goodnight Goodnight” Maroon 5 from the “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” Album.

ABC News Goes for the tough issues…

Congress is investigating possible misleading advertisements for Lipitor, so what does ABC News lead with?

“Jarvik May Have Used Body Double in Ads”.

WordPress Update

Wordpress ButtonsWell, this is a big improvement. My server still gets hammered with people/bots/etc. still trying to SPAM my blog with all sorts of crap, but It’s not having an affect on my server.

In the past, the server CPU would get pegged with all the Spammers attempting to hit it. In that regard, WordPress isn’t breaking a sweat. That’s a vast improvement as the server would become unresponsive and the PERL CGI programs would effectivly kill the machine.

As for posting and administration, IMO, this is a LOT easier than MT was. I’m still using captcha’s for comments, but I may turn that off.

Music I’m listening to right Now:
Spybreak!” by Propellerheads from the “Decksandrumsandrockandroll” Album.

Apple Upgrades Ipod touch to 32gb

Apple upgraded the Ipod touch to 32gb this week. I have the old 3rd gen 15gb model, but if it breaks, I’d certainly consider getting one.

I love a Rainy Night

Friday night, the rain came down really hard, which really sucked to walk thru, but was an opportunity to take photos afterwards.

After it rains is often the best time to take photos. You get reflections off the streets, the air tends to be clear and the overall look just works.

In this case, I took close to 70 photos and was happy with about 8 of them. That’s the great thing about Digital SLR’s, unlike film, you don’t waste anything by taking photos.

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Paralyzer ” by Finger Eleven from the “Them VS. You VS. Me” Album.

Maybe they should have waited till AFTER the game…

Patriots Waterford CyrstalOk, Normally I could care less about Sports, but this was too funny to ignore. Saw this on

Macy’s had a Waterford Crystal:

Waterford Crystal XLll Super Bowl Champion Football


Patriot perfection! Nineteen wins. Zero losses. Football history has been rewritten, and the New England Patriots have won it all! Commemorate every bone-crunching tackle and triumphant touchdown with this limited edition Waterford Crystal football.

Maybe they should have waited till AFTER the game to put this on the web site??

It’s gone now, but here is a Link to the Webpage Image.

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Big Bang Baby” by Stone Temple Pilots from the “Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop” Album.

Switched to WordPress

Wordpress ButtonsOk, after much prodding by brother, I have crossed over to the dark side and converted my Blog to WordPress from Movable Type.

As fun as making my MTYahooMaps plugin was, I haven’t touched it in over a year and have no intention of updating it to work on MT 4.

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Nothing at the moment.