Wireless Memory Card

Eye-FiLast year, I had a conversation with Nina, a friend of mine who’s a Professional Photographer (See her excellent work here) about the advantages of having a Nikon WT-2A wireless adapter for a D2x. At the time, I thought it was overkill, but Nina pointed out that during a Studio or Field shoot, this would be very useful as the LCD screen on the camera is not a good way to tell if a shot came out right or not.

Along those lines, I saw this on Engadget and found it to be an interesting idea. 2 GB and Wireless in an SD card? Great idea and nicely priced too. At the same time, a little scary! That Wireless card is the size of a postage stamp. I would likely not get one, but I’d recommend it for other people. From the review, it apparently does not create a big power burden on the camera and certainly is good for people who want it without having to plug a card reader in.

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