Thor is dead, Long Live Thor!

Dell XPS T600"Thor" being the host name of my server. What an educational rebuild that was, I really should document rebuilding the server as this is the third time I've done it in a year and a half.

Long story short: I dug up an old Dell Pentium 3 and sank a SATA HD and host adapter in it.  That was the easy part as rebuilding the web server to support my needs was a bit of a chore. Each time I've done this it was with a different version of the DB, PHP, Apache and the OS as well. Naturally, I've never fully documented it….

Slight Update: Other FW products spoil me silly; IPTABLES is a *pain* to configure.

Music I'm listening to right Now:
"Big Bang Baby" by Stone Temple Pilots from the "Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop" Album. It seemed apropos…

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