NYC Pillow fight at Union Square


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Newmindspace organized another massive pillow fight in Union Square park. I can't begin to tell you how much fun this event was. I haven't laughed that hard for that long  in quite some time.  

I drove in and got to the Union Square early to get parking. I was able to scope out some good places to hang out and meet some people before the Pillow Fight actually started. As 2:00pm approached it got pretty crowded and when the whistle blew, the feathers started to fly. My original plan was to take shots from the edge of the crowd with my Nikon D80 and then wander in using my point and shoot camera. Since the point and shoot camera takes too long between shots, I threw caution to the wind and kept using the D80. Wading into the crowd was like walking thru a big mosh pit. Amazingly, I only got hit about a dozen times and that tended to be when someone was taking a wide back swing. Using continuous shooting on my camera, I managed to take over 700 shots. I'm sure lots of them don't show much,  but I'm using DXO Optics 4.1 to batch process the RAW NEF files. It's very good software, supports my camera and lens, and the Batch mode is what convinced me to buy it. For $149, you can't go wrong with it. I have an old PC so I started the batch late last night and it's still going. When it's done, I'll pick out the good ones and post them to Flickr.

For a crazy massive pillow fight, people were very careful not to hit the photographers cameras. Other than a couple of minor hits, the camera survived intact. I ran into Gene in the middle of the crowd, but missed the other NYC Social members that were there.

I posted my shots on Flickr

Newmindspace has updated the site with links to Video and Flickr Photos too. I particularly liked  Rocketboom which has a great video of the event, including footage from above. Wish all battles were Pillow Fights…

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