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Me in a Nikon Advertisement

Me in Nikon Advertisement
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In July, I was lucky enough to be among the 16 photographers that were chosen to participate in an advertising campaign for Nikon. It didn’t really hit me until I turned to Page 35 of Popular Photography (Janny got me a subscription) and see my face in the lower corner.

My contribution is in the lower corner of the website, just left of the American Flag by Timothy Schenck.

To be perfectly honest, I think the other photographers are much better than I am, such as Timothy Schenck or Joseph Holmes (whom I saw at NYCPB6) just to name a few.

I really believe I’m lucky to be counted among such creative people.

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Flickr Meetup – The Elephants Have Arrived

Went to see the Elephants march into NYC. It was a lot of fun, and I met more people from Flickr. The funny thing is: Couldn’t get too many photos of the Elephants! Those guys are Fast! LarimdaME did a great job of wrangling us all together. Other than freezing my toes, it was a great.

Got a lot of other shots that I put up in Flickr.

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