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Sen. McCain lying yet again

The “Straight Talk Express” is continuing it’s downward spiral with yet another outright lieAgain. I suppose it’s true, Sen. McCain will say Anything to get elected. I wonder what he will lie about next?? Do we really need four more years of this??

Carly Fiorina:”Well, I don’t think John McCain could run a major corporation.”

You just can’t make this up.  Carly Fiorina, one of Sen. McCain’s Economic advisor and apparent spokesperson thinks Gov. Palin AND Sen. McCain can’t run a Major corporation.

Huh? Carly Fiorina thinks Gov. Palin AND Sen. McCain can’t run a Major corporation but somehow CAN run the U.S. Government???

I’m thinking she’s done making public statements for the campaign for a while.

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Gov. Palin had no idea what the “Bush Doctrine” is

I saw this on Talking Points Memo. If your going to use Right Wing talking points and ONLY give one ineterview, you would think you’d be prepared…

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Ipod Nano 4g and Ipod tough 2G disected

Well, that didn’t take long. I saw this on Google News:

New iPods dissected, iPod touch 2G has Bluetooth. Sorta

Which will ultimately lead to’s web site where they actually do the dissecting of the new ipod Touch. They also dissect the new Nano.  Both are a pretty interesting read with good photographs of the two Ipods.

Me, I have a 3G Ipod that has 15 Gb of disk. It works for me, but lately the battery is not holding a charge for longer than two hours of play. That covers my commute back home, but it is annoying having to charge it every day. At this time, the 16Gb Ipod Nano is $199 while the 120 gb Ipod Classic is $249.

The Ipod Classic has up to 36 hours of music play time of music on a full charge, while the Ipod Nano has up to 24 hours. Either would be a great improvement over my current Ipod.

When my current Ipod dies, I think I’ll end up getting the Ipod Classic. The Ipos Nano is tempting, but for the extra $50, I figure I should just get the 120Gb model.
The Ipod Classic.

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September 11th, 2008

WTC Fountain

As I mentioned the last two years, the above photo is from This is how I want to remember the World Trade Center and the people I knew there, not the smoldering ruin or empty pit that it later became.

A lot has happened since last year. I did not intend to take the day off this year, but as it happened, I ended up working from home. This year, I find that remembering the the tragedy of that day does not hurt as much. In the past, I could not watch any of the many documentaries on account that I simply felt uncomfortable.

We’re now in another election cycle and the GOP is (for now) toning down the rhetoric. Frankly, while I blame the terrorist who actually did this evil act, 9/11 is, IMO, the GW Bush administration’s biggest failure, which is saying a lot as they demonstrate incompetence in most matters. Ironically, the GOP is touting Sen. McCain’s Vietnam experience (Gee, Any stupid, offensive purple heart Bandaids this time??? No?)

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California’s prison guard union will seek the recall of Gov. Schwarzenegger

From Reuters – California’s prison guard union said on Monday it will seek the recall of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger after he ordered a pay cut for its members amid the state’s protracted budget deadlock.

That would be Just Perfect!

Sen. McCain: Reformed Maverick

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Saw this on “The Daily Show“. Jon Stewart uses Video Clips to show us Sen. McCain’s Evolution. As usual, It’s very good…

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Huffington Post: Obama Takes First Direct Shot At Palin

Saw this on The Huffington Post: “Obama Takes First Direct Shot At Palin”.

Awesome! Now that’s what I call “Straight Talk”! I bet the GOP calls him “Sexist” for pointing out the truth. The GOP has had control of Congress from 1995 to 2006. Sen. McCain voted with Pres. GW Bush over 90% of the time. When Sen. McCain speaks of “Washington Insiders” he really means himself and his campaign.

Personally, I’m glad Sen. Obama is  responding to their campaign rhetoric and out right falsehoods. Most recently, apparently some McCain supporters Stole Flags from the DNC and claimed they were thrown out. The Flags were NOT thrown out, but why let the truth stand in  the way of a cheap McCain campaign Stunt?

And people think we need four more years of crap like this? Riiiiigggggtttt….

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Jon Stewart demonstrates GOP Double Standards

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I first saw this on The Huffington Post. It’s amazing that the GOP does not suffer whiplash. Don’t they realize that thier being Video Taped???

What’s really sad: The “Mainstream News Media” doesn’t report this double standard much.  When the subject is Sen. Clinton, all is fair game, but Gov. Palin? Sen. McCain and the GOP attack the News Media whenever the News Media does their job and ask questions. When CNN’s Campbell Brown only asked reasonable questions of Tucker Bounds and demanded answers, The McCain campaign canceled a later CNN appearance and attacked Campbell Brown.

As you can see from the Daily Show clip above,  that’s the GOP Modus Operandi. They get Dick Morris (is it just me or does he sound like Harvey Fierstein?!? (No Offense Mr. Fierstein)) and Sean Hannity along with most of  GOP TV FOX News to parrot their talking points.

Loved the “Papa Bear” reference…

As usual Jon Stewart does an Excellent job of demonstrating how two faced the GOP operatives can be. The Entire episode was great and I recommend you see it. When former Rep. Newt Gingrich was on, I thought Jon Stewart was as polite and professional as he always is, but he nailed the hypocrisy of Gov. Palin’s press release very succinctly.  You should watch it.

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Gov. Palin considered banning books in her town

From the NY Times, Apparently, Gov. Palin considered banning books in her town. Wow, she just gets better and better as the days roll by…