A little Note to myself

After the ‘Deal’ cut with the GOP this past weekend that left the Middle Class high and Dry, I’m making a few predictions on August 3rd, 2011.

  1. In November, the ‘Super Congress’ gets deadlocked. (This one is easy)
  2. Ultimately, The Democratic Party ‘Compromise’ and the Majority of Cuts are in needed Domestic Programs. This will happen after ‘debating’ for 3 weeks or until Christmas Break.
  3. Despite All assurance to the contrary by the President and the Democratic Party, No increase in Taxes for the wealthy. (as the GOP has the House, this too is easy).
  4. The GW Bush Tax breaks for the wealthy will be extended. Yet Again.
  5. The Democratic Party continues to stay off message and lose the Senate in 2012.
  6. President Obama get’s a second term as all the GOP candidates pander to the Radical Right Way to much (Happened in 1992, Ask G. Bush I).
  7. Things get really bad and the Income Gap increases even more.
Sadly,The GOP does a much better job at staying on message than the Democratic Party does. On top of that, The GOP are more than willing to take something Hostage (i.e.  our Economy) and do whatever they think it takes to achieve their goal, regardless of the cost to the American Public. 

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