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California’s prison guard union will seek the recall of Gov. Schwarzenegger

From Reuters – California’s prison guard union said on Monday it will seek the recall of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger after he ordered a pay cut for its members amid the state’s protracted budget deadlock.

That would be Just Perfect!

Sen. McCain: Reformed Maverick

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Saw this on “The Daily Show“. Jon Stewart uses Video Clips to show us Sen. McCain’s Evolution. As usual, It’s very good…

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Huffington Post: Obama Takes First Direct Shot At Palin

Saw this on The Huffington Post: “Obama Takes First Direct Shot At Palin”.

Awesome! Now that’s what I call “Straight Talk”! I bet the GOP calls him “Sexist” for pointing out the truth. The GOP has had control of Congress from 1995 to 2006. Sen. McCain voted with Pres. GW Bush over 90% of the time. When Sen. McCain speaks of “Washington Insiders” he really means himself and his campaign.

Personally, I’m glad Sen. Obama is  responding to their campaign rhetoric and out right falsehoods. Most recently, apparently some McCain supporters Stole Flags from the DNC and claimed they were thrown out. The Flags were NOT thrown out, but why let the truth stand in  the way of a cheap McCain campaign Stunt?

And people think we need four more years of crap like this? Riiiiigggggtttt….

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Yep, I’m bored. Janny is out shopping, I’m home doing Laundry and working from home.

Overall, I’d say this is a good day. It’s calm, quiet and I’m actually accomplishing work that needs to be done. Before the rain from Hurricane Hannah hit, I was able to get some fresh Jalapeno Peppers from our garden.

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Jon Stewart demonstrates GOP Double Standards

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I first saw this on The Huffington Post. It’s amazing that the GOP does not suffer whiplash. Don’t they realize that thier being Video Taped???

What’s really sad: The “Mainstream News Media” doesn’t report this double standard much.  When the subject is Sen. Clinton, all is fair game, but Gov. Palin? Sen. McCain and the GOP attack the News Media whenever the News Media does their job and ask questions. When CNN’s Campbell Brown only asked reasonable questions of Tucker Bounds and demanded answers, The McCain campaign canceled a later CNN appearance and attacked Campbell Brown.

As you can see from the Daily Show clip above,  that’s the GOP Modus Operandi. They get Dick Morris (is it just me or does he sound like Harvey Fierstein?!? (No Offense Mr. Fierstein)) and Sean Hannity along with most of  GOP TV FOX News to parrot their talking points.

Loved the “Papa Bear” reference…

As usual Jon Stewart does an Excellent job of demonstrating how two faced the GOP operatives can be. The Entire episode was great and I recommend you see it. When former Rep. Newt Gingrich was on, I thought Jon Stewart was as polite and professional as he always is, but he nailed the hypocrisy of Gov. Palin’s press release very succinctly.  You should watch it.

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Gov. Palin considered banning books in her town

From the NY Times, Apparently, Gov. Palin considered banning books in her town. Wow, she just gets better and better as the days roll by…

Hurricane Gustav Update

7:30pm EST and So far no horrific news from New Orleans.
I’m really hoping for a quiet evening.

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Just “wow”…

Teen daughter of GOP VP pick is pregnant“.
Any teen pregnancy is tough, but when you’re in the National Spotlight because of you Mother, it’s even tougher.

This also calls into question the vetting process Sen. McCain has employed. Gov. Palin is a “Conservative” and this happens in her own house? IMO: When people question her and it gets tough, she plays the “Sexism” card…

I’m glad she’s keeping the baby and wish her the best.

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Be Careful what you wish for

I’d rather Hurricane Gustav was NOT the focus of the news this week. I’d not have watched the RNC, but it would be better than a potentially devastating Hurricane. Along that line: Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family encouraged people to pray for “rain of biblical proportions” to ruin Sen. Obama’s speech. It goes to show you: You should be careful what you wish for.

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav is coming ashore and the city of New Orleans just can’t seem to get a break. As I write this, I’m watching the news and it’s looking pretty bad.

From CBS News, they say that Gustav will probably pass to the west of New Orlean which is different from Katrina. According to Dave Price, this could be a lot worse for New Orleans and Louisiana. The NOAA representative they interviewed said that the storm surge is typically higher and stronger to the east of the eye. I’m really hoping New Orleans is spared as they’re still rebuilding after Katrina, but it does look grim. On the plus side: the Federal and Local Gov’t seems to be more on the ball this time. There is a mandatory evacuation in place and I’ve heard that only about 10% of the population has remained behind.

I just saw Al Roker standing in the middle of a street in New Orleans. This is one thing that amazes me about the News Industry: The insistence that weathermen need to stand in the middle of a hurricane in order to report it.

Ok, We Get it: Massive Rain and 90+ MPH winds. Now get INSIDE!!!

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