Still getting used to the Nikon D80

D80Still learning the finer details about the Nikon D80 camera. A professional photographer once told me that when she got her new  Nikon D2x after her Nikon D70, it took some getting used to. I didn't know what she meant until getting the Nikon D80.

It's a great camera, but I'm not yet utilizing it to it's fullest or effective potential. To make things more  amusing, I'm falling back on the ISO Auto feature. As per Nikon's Press release:

ISO AUTO mode automatically adjusts sensitivity between ISO 100 -1600 to maximize available light and achieve optimal exposure. Sensitivity can also be set manually between ISO 100 – 1600 in steps of 1/3 EV, plus HI-0.3, HI-0.7 and HI-1. Three levels of High ISO Noise Reduction are available when shooting at high ISO settings. Long Exposure Noise Reduction is also available when shooting at shutter speeds of 8 seconds or slower.

ISO Auto allows me to get the shot, but I'll be surprised with the slight amount of noise that is in the shot due to the high ISO (Not a problem at all, just unexpected). To put it mildly, ISO Auto is spoiling me silly. 

Another thing that slows me down is that Adobe hasn't updated the Adobe Camera RAW importer yet. So I'm using Nikon Capture NX Trial version to open the NEF files. It's good software, but different than I'm used to.

For photo's I've taken with the Nikon D80, see here on Flickr.

Music I'm listening to right Now:

"Future Love Paradise" by Seal from his "Seal" Album (1991).

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