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MTIFrames – Test 1

Should be Weather in NYC on the left.
This was done via the following:
<MTIFrames src=”//” width=”135″ height=”90″ align=”left” frameborder=”yes”></MTIFrames>

MTYahooMaps Initial Release

After much trial and Error, I'm just about ready to release the MTYahooMaps Movable Type Plugin.

It works in a similar way that MTGoogleMap by Nick Punter does (in fact this was originally based on MTGoogleMaps). A container tag called "MTYahooMaps" is created that accepts the following Parameters:

  • address = Postal Address i.e. "499 Park Avenue, NY, NY, 10022", Required
  • lat = Latitude i.e. "40.762979"
  • log = Longitude i.e. "-73.969966"
  • info = Informational Text (No HTML)  i.e. "Corner of 69th and Park Ave."
  • zoom = Numeric Zoom Level i.e. "3" (Defaults to "2")
  • width = Width of Map in your Post. Numeric and in Pixels i.e. "540"
  • height = Height of Map in your Post. Numeric and in Pixels i.e. "300"
  • align = Alignment of your map in your Post. i.e. "left","center", "right" (Defaults to Center)
  • maptype = AJAX or Flash. (Defaults to AJAX)
  • mapsathyb = map, sat, or hyb (Defaults to map)


address="11 Madison avenue,NY, NY, 10010"
info="A Nice Place"
maptype="ajax" mapsathyb="hyb"></MTYahooMaps>

String this out with no Carriage returns. My Advice, try resolving addresses at and get the ZIPCODE. 

If you use  lat and log, address will not be used to resolve the coordinates, but is still required.

Update: Now Handles multiple Markers 

Update: Now uses Yahoo Geocoder, uses MAP, SATELITE, or HYBRID and the FLASH version works better too. It will also convert "|" to "<BR>" when put in the info and address parameters.

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